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With its prominent role within the history of the city, St Nicholas Priory reflects the transformation of Exeter itself throughout the centuries.

The Priory and the people attached to it are part of a wider story. A story that needs further research to bridge the gaps where possible and can help us support educating the wider community on the history right on their doorstep.

Volunteers, staff and trustees at the Priory are involved in current research to paint a wider picture of the role St Nicholas Priory played not just in Exeter but within the wider historical and religious landscape.

Steps we are taking include:

  • The creation of a dedicated history group who are currently researching different periods of history connected to the Priory, exploring archival documents/articles and writing papers on various findings.
  • Implementing new research into the creation of bespoke private guided tours exploring the different historical periods and figures associated with the Priory (see our Private Tours page for more information).
  • Building a reference library with the plan to make accessible to the public so we can help assist and impact new research.

For more information on what is new from the History Research group, keep an eye on updates here and on the news page, where there will be regular blog updates.

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