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Welcome to St Nix Kids!!

We love welcoming families and kids to St Nicholas Priory!

There is so much to explore!
→ Nearly 1000 years of history… Medieval Priory! Tudor Mansion!
→ Our wonderful garden full of medicinal herbs and spices
→ Brass rubbings trail
→ Workshops, re-enactments, performances

What we do

In 2087, St Nicholas Priory will celebrate its 1,000th birthday!!

Tucked away in The Mint – a lane that dates back to medieval Exeter, just a stone’s throw from the splendours of Exeter Cathedral, St Nicholas Priory has been sensitively restored to reflect some of the eras that Exeter’s oldest building has witnessed; Benedictine Monastery, Tudor Town House, and Victorian Tenements.

As well as a lively and diverse programme of events, workshops and performances, families are welcome to pop in for self-guided tours of the atmospheric building. Our friendly volunteers are always on hand to answer questions and share their knowledge. We have plenty of activities to help families visiting with kids to get more out of their visit – pick one up when you visit, or download from these pages and use them at home.

We wish you an absorbing, productive, informative and fun time – if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with [email protected]


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